VOGGIN Women's Fashion culottes pants Loose wear Mer...

Color: Black
Size: Asian size M


Care Instructions Hand wash Cover Only HAND WASHThe special detergent into 35 degrees Celsius water stir well into the clothes soaked 15 30 minutes later on the dirt with rubbing squeezing method to wash the rest gently pat and knead DO NOT BLEACH Bleaching is not allowed DRYING The sweater shaping amortized in plate drying Never in the hot sun exposure and should be in a well ventilated place to dry can be so as not to damage the sweater IRON When ironing should with a steam iron and in the sweater on humidifying white temperature control in 135 degrees Celsius around 145 degrees Celsius especially dark sweater ironed directly easily produce the aurora In the case of Aurora available vinegar and water according to the ratio of 1 100 wet cloth re ironing can disappear Collection arrangement Folding flat packed into a sealed plastic bag into a mothproofing agent drying wardrobe must not use the method of hanging to prevent the sweater deformation

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