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Color: Silver
Size: 5.6x1.2x2.48in



Welcome to choose SADALAK we always insist that People as our foundation Quality as our root Technological as our foundation More and more people pay attention to health our toilet bidet sprayer is a small and simple operation hand hold using bidet purpose to improve your healthy life It not only brings convenience and health but also protects the environment Using bidet sprayer can reduce the use of toilet paper Environmental protection is sometimes as simple as that


1 MADE TO LAST our bidet sprayer hose set is leak proof durable rust proof lightweight and extremely easy to use

2 GOOD QUALITY T VALVE Our T valve adopted a solid brass material rust and corrosion resistance and added waterproof washer which greatly reduced the occurrence of water leakage

3 INCREASE HOSE DURABLE A good quality batch of hose joints the strength and toughness of the hose are increased the hose is more flexible and it is not easy to break when pulling it will not expand or burst under pressure


1 Main body ABS

2 T Valve Material 100 Brass Valve Body Zinc Alloy Handle

3 T Valve Surface Finish Chrome Plated

4 Main Body Material Brass

5 Bidet Hose and Hook Holder SUS304 Stainless Steel

Package Includes

1 Hand held Bidet Sprayer

1 Shut off Value

1 1 2m Stainless Steel Supply Hose

1 Install Accessories package

1 x Users manual

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