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Color: Green
Size: 200x150cm


Hammock 100 polyester Introductions

In the tent people could not feel the nearest nature in that tent isolate them from annoying insects as well as nature But to our delight the hammock can solve the problem of tent You can enjoy charming sunshine in the comfortable hammock stretching your body at full length and feeling free from gravity That is totally a different feeling from bed at home What s more made up with high quality light weight material the hammock is easily to carry and store Such a perfect hammock why not have a try


1 Easy to hang and assembly

2 Eco friendly and portable

3 Lightweight and firm very comfortable

4 Suitable for outdoor use perfect for backyard camping hunting hiking traveling etc

5 Stretches for your full body length so you rest from head to tow

6 Made of polyester material comfortable

7 Lightweight and convenient to carry or store


1 Color Coffee Strip

2 Hammock Size 78 74 x 59 06 200 x 150 cm L x W

3 Total Length Of Hammock 360cm

4 Weight 3 2lbs 1 45kg

Package Includes

1 x Polyester Cotton Hammock

2 x Polyester Cotton Rope

1 x Round Backpack

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