Soft Crate Mat Pet Bed, Large, Gray, 42"



Soft Crate Mat creates a comfortable environment during kennel time for your canine companion. It?s easy for your dog to feel a little nervous when it?s kennel time, but with this soft crate mat, your dog will be feeling much more secure as you go off to work, run errands, or go off to class. The soft, plush texture and feel of this mat makes it a sanctuary for your tired dog. Compared to using a towel or a blanket, this mat keeps its form to give your fluffy friend a full space of comfortability that stays in place as your dog twists, turns, and rolls to get that perfect sleeping position. Best suited for larger dogs, this 42? mat should fit optimally inside a crate of the same sizing, and the raised edges of the bed give your dog a place to rest their head and keep watch over your home during down time. For a great rest, bring home the Vibrant Life Gray 42? Soft Crate Mat for your dog today. Vibrant Life shares your passion for animals. You can count on Vibrant Life for a full line of expertly crafted, quality products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Which makes you happy, too. Enjoy the Vibrant Life. Vibrant Life Soft Crate Mat, Gray, 42": Super soft crate mat for small to medium-sized dogs 42" size Ideally covers the space of the floor of a matching -size crate Raised edges provide a comfortable pillow for your dog Stays in place as your dog moves about in their crate Machine washable

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