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The Single Tube Ion Hot Facial and Aroma Steamer is design for beauty salon or personal care use at home. Its sprayer has the function of ozone, so as to speed up skin nutrition absorption. And the ozone also can sterilize and whiten your skin, and improve blood circulation and metabolism. This sprayer also has the effect of moisturing, water replenishing and keep your skin moist. The steamer is an indispensable skin care products. What are you waiting for? Just take action!

1. Speed up skin nutrition absorption
2. Can sterilize and whiten skin
3. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4. It has the effect of moisturing, water replenishing and keep skin moist
5. Easy and convenient to use

1. Material: ABS Body & PC Cup & Stainless Steel Heating Tube & PP Universal Wheel
2. Color: White
3. Weight: 6.28 lbs / 2.85 kg
4. Voltage: 110V
5. Power: 750W
6. Plug Type: US Standard
7. Power Cable Length: 67' / 1.7m
8. Control Panel Diameter: 9.84' / 25cm
9. Five Star Leg Diameter: 17.71' / 45cm
10. Water Inlet Altitude(Adjustable): (40.94-42.52)' / (104-108)cm
11. Sprayer Altitude: 49.21' / 125cm
12. Water Shortage Protection: Probe Power off without Water

Package Includes:
1 x Hot Facial & Aroma Steamer
1 x Manual

1 The light is used for sterilization, which only works normally when it is turned on during spraying. For hot sprayer, cool down the cup first and then screw off it to outwell the water.
2 Three reasons may account it. One, the adde

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