Silver Wound Nylon String Anti-Rust Set of 6pcs Musi...




Package comes with 6 strings fit for classical guitars greatly

String end with one small ring for convenient replacement and installation

The string core is made of high grade clear nylon the winding material is silver plated nylon wire which gives a silvery white appearance

With anti rust coating the strings feature smooth hand feeling and long durability compared with uncoated strings

Bright and clean timbre makes the string set a good choice for practice and stage playing


Tension Normal Light

Model DPA 028

Material Nylon Silver Plated Nylon Wire

E string 1st 0 028inch 0 71mm

B string 2nd 0 032inch 0 82mm

G string 3rd 0 040inch 1 02mm

D string 4th 0 030inch 0 74mm

A string 5th 0 035inch 0 89mm

E string 6th 0 043inch 1 09mm

String Length 1100mm

Package size 11 4 11 0 5cm 4 5 4 3 0 2in

Package weight 26g 0 9oz

Packing List

1 6 Strings Set

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