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Refrigerator storage box sealed and fresh-keeping appearance is exquisite and intimate details. Material. Safe and multi-purpose. Storage must be dust-proof and moisture-proof. Quality certification. Sealed and leak-proof. High-quality PP material. Keep fresh and keep water and air. Humanity. Hand-hold design. High-quality PP material without bisphenol. A. Whether it is raw food or cooked food, it is safe and healthy. The workmanship is exquisite and smooth. The edges are smooth, free of burrs, and not afraid of scratches. The hands are sealed and leak-proof design. The dust-proof and moisture-proof handle design. Humanized hand-holding design, convenient to move, save time, effort and space Neatly classified, no odors, sealed moisture-proof handle design, convenient to pick up, product with handle, thoughtful design, easy and stable pull out when picking food, sealed storage, insect-proof and moisture-proof storage, better sealed and fresh-keeping refrigerator storage to prevent odor, a variety of foods can be stored in the refrigerator, food is moisture-proof and mold-proof Fruits and vegetables are sorted and stored in compartments to store all kinds of ingredients, moisture-proof, insect-proof, no odor, and neat storage, tightly sealed, odor-proof, can be stacked to save space

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