Pulley Fix Sheave Pulley Outdoor Rope Survival High ...

Color: red



Quality manufactured pulley for mountain rescue tower work ski patrol or whatever requires block and tackle system

Sheave of 2 24 inches Dia pulley with large sheave is much better and easier for hauling big load

Mounted with ball bearing for higher efficiency and smoothness Swing side for easy and rapid rope installation and removal

Rating to 32kN 7100lbs for high durability to satisfy all your requirements like pulling a stranded boat hauling some out of a crevasse etc

Compatible with wide range of ropes up to 16mm 5 8 Multiple anchors for complex rescue hauling system setup

Surface polishing process smooth use


Color Blue Red optional

Material magnesium aluminum alloy

Tension static tension 32KN rolling tension 16KN

Applicable rope diameter 15mm

Item size 150 82 56mm 5 9 3 2 2 2in

Item weight 637g 1 4lb

Package size 160 92 66mm 6 3 3 6 2 6in

Package weight 650g 1 4lb

Packing List

1 Climbing Pulley

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