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Detoxification export:

Ultrasonic sound and nanotechnology are used in this instrument. It can vibrate over 28,000 times per second, which shatter dirt such as dead skin, blackhead and acne in pore, and super-finely clean. Ultrasound produces the feeling of warm massage, which can speed up blood circulation and detoxify and reach the goal of thoroughly cleaning skin.

Nutrition input:

Spray appropriate amount of nutrient solution on skin, keep the beautifying probe at 45 degree angel, pull down slowly and use 23,000 micro-vibrations per second to decompose and super-refine larger molecules such as VC and collagen, make them to be absorbed easily, improve the natural permeability rate of cosmetic ingredients, so as to make nutrition input better!

Using steps
1、After removing makeup and cleaning face using face cream, then use the shovel head to clean for the second time. It has the functions of removing dead skin, acne, blackhead and dirt in deep skin.
2 、 After the cleaning mode is doned, use facial mask to cover face, then use the moisturizing mode to keep moving on the mask, accelerate skin care to input the skin, and increase the skin moisture by 20 %~ 40 %. This result should be based on the data after one hour when skin becomes dry.
3 、 After the mask covering time is up, massage face with a compact mode for 5 ~ 10 minutes.
4 、 One or two modes at a time, or two modes together for 5 minutes respectively .

1. Use 2 to 3 times a day, no more than 15 minutes each time. The reuse of this instrument for the same place should be done every over 4 hours.
2.Before  and  after  use,  please  keep  the instrument body  and  its  probe clean and  be disinfected.
3. Do not use this instrument if skin has   any wounds, eczema, swollen cells or after shaving.
4. Do not use this instrument for the area around eyes or around wounds.
5. Do not use it for children, pregnant women and psychiatric patients.
6.When the machine is in operation, it will  be squeaky because its frequency is close to  the sound frequency. this is  a  normal phenomenon. Please do not worry about it. normal phenomenon. Please feel free to use it.

1.clean deeply; remove blackhead, peeling, acne and dirt.
2.remove grease scale and aging cuticle from skin surface and capillary pore.
3.remove deep wrinkles; increase skin elasticity; improve skin quality, and makes skin bright, white and healthy.
4.Input nutrition, detoxify, remove wrinkles and make the skin younger.
5.Enhance the regeneration ability of skin cells and pore permeability.
6.do not hurt; thoroughly clean the skin.
7.Make the pore shrink, make the skin bright and healthy.
8.Fade wrinkles, fade black spots, prevent skin from sagging, etc.
9.Promote blood, toxin export and nutrition import; massage skin to keep your skin younger and smoother.

Ultrasonic skin cleaner is a new method of skin health
care. It uses ultrasound physiotherapy to take care of skins safely and effectively based on the characteristics of human skin. Ultrasonic skin cleaner vibrates 23,000 times per second to shatter the pore toxins, "dirt" and dead skin and the remove them out. Performing on the face can make skin cells vibrate, soften tissue, thoroughly remove aged keratin and obstruct pore grease scale and remnants. Finally the excess oil can be discharged, acne and whelk cannot easily grow and develop. Moreover, high- frequency energy conversion of ultrasonic sound help improve the circulation of local blood and lymph, enhance skin cleansing and activity, decompose pigments in sites with pig accumulation, and fade black spots. Spot, improve the metabolism and regeneration of skin tissues, enhance the permeability of capillaries, make the skin glossy and elastic. It finally plays an effective role in removing freckle, wrinkle and brightneing skin.

Often using it can shrink pore, tighten skin, fade spots, smooth wrinkles so that your skin restores health and its elasticity. In addition, the product uses unique patented very low voltage technique to supply the power, which is safer and has longer service life.

Usage frequency
Use 2 - 3 times a week.
Use for 15 minutes at one time.

Please do not use the same part in the same mode more than three times a week. Otherwise overuse will increase skin' s burden.


Product Name: untrasonic skin beautifier.
Product model: T- 668 A Technical Type: Ultrasound Weight: 86 g
Maximum frequency: 23 KHZ output voltage: DC 5 V, 0 . 8 A
Resonant frequency( Fr): Fr= 24 KHz± 5 KHz ( Note 1 ) Frequency of use: 2 - 3 times a week
Clean Mode: Ultrasonic sound wave + Positive Ion Export
Moisturizing Mode: Ultrasonic sound wave + Negative Ion Import
Massage and wrinkle tightening: intermittent ultrasonic sound wave + micro- current

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