Massage Gun Muscle Neck Back Shoulder Massager- Hand...

Color: Grey
Size: Basic


Do you have muscle soreness after fitness muscle strain after high intensity exercise physical and mental exhaustion after sitting in the office and back pain after working out

At this time you need high technology to solve your problem

Massage gun can reduce the adhesion and nodules between muscle and fascia through high frequency vibration stimulation relieve stiff muscles and regain muscle vitality

9 High frequency Vibrations

Level 1 3 Muscle wake

Level 4 Relaxing fascia

Level 5 6 Break down lactic acid

Level 7 9 Deep massage

6 Interchangeable Body Massage Heads

Fork head suitable for spine and neck

Flat head suitable for relaxation and plasticity of all muscle parts of the flat head

Bullet head suitable for impacting deep tissues joints meridians

Round head suitable for healthy large muscle groups

Shovel head For muscle relaxation muscle plasticity

Gas Plug head For whole body

Long Battery Life

Massage gun equipped with 2600mAh lithium battery fast charging long lasting power

This massage gun is suitable for all people the best choice for gifts this is a healthy high value product

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