Lixada 20kN Bearing Mobile Pulley with 25kN Screw Lo...

Color: red


This 20kN Pulley with 25kN Locking Carainber Kit combines a small mobile rigging plate as usual but the pulley spins on a high efficiency ball bearing making it even smoother and therefore much more efficient in a full range of applications


Made of premium aluminum alloy and stainless steel material stable and durable

Swing plates for pulley provide easy rope remove and installation

20kN pulley and 25kN screw locking carabiner for high durability

Screw locking gate for carabiner allows easy operation

Lightweight and compact for a multitude of uses such as rescue climbing system or for setting a tackle and block in your house rigging and tree climbing system


Material 7075 Aluminum alloy stainless steel

Package size 21163cm 8 36 31 2in

Package weight Approx 273 5g 9 6oz

Climbing Pulley

Max breaking strength 20kN 2000kg 4409lbs

Max diameter of rope 12mm 1 2 in

Sheave diameter 30mm 1 2in

Size 7 55 72 8cm 3 02 21 2in

Weight Approx 100 7g 3 5oz


Open gate 20mm 0 8in

Weight Capacity 25kN 2500kg 5511lbs

Size 11 06 0cm 4 32 4in

Weight Approx 162 2g 5 7oz

Package List

1 Climbing Pulley

1 Carainber

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