Gblife Replacement Filter for KJ65F - A1 Air Purifie...

Color: BLACK
Size: 19.20 x 19.20 x 6.50 cm / 7.56 x 7.56 x 2.56 inches
PackageContent: 1 x Air Purifier Filter



Experts suggest that the filter of air purifier should be replaced every six months to guarantee effective air purification. Besides, not all the filter that you select from the market could capture pollutants effectively. Maybe you could choose our Gblife filter for your air purifier, which could remove up to 99.97 percent of pollutants from air and deliver you a fresh environment. Just get one home for the fresh air!

Main features:

- Powerful filtration


With 3 powerful filters (fine preliminary filter / HEPA filter / activated carbon filter), installing this device in your air purifier could refresh your air favorably.

- Fine preliminary filter


It neutralizes airborne bacterium, pet dander, scurf, and so on, helping you get rid of those common allergy inducements.

- HEPA filter


It could trap dust, mite, pollen, mold, and other large particles, giving you a clean home.

- Activated carbon filter


It could capture various household odors, such as cooking odor, pet odor, cigarette smell, and so on, allowing you to breathe comfortably.

- Anti-bacterial coating


Its anti-bacterial coating could inhibit the growth of airborne bacteria, including fungi, molds, and other microorganisms.

Warm tip:

Please note that this filter is suitable for KJ65F - A1 air purifier.


Package weight:

0.863 kg

Product Size(L x W x H):

19.00 x 19.00 x 6.20 cm / 7.48 x 7.48 x 2.44 inches

Package Size(L x W x H):

19.20 x 19.20 x 6.50 cm / 7.56 x 7.56 x 2.56 inches

Package Contents:

1 x Air Purifier Filter

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