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Delight Paw Baby Teething Mitten Mom Designed | Self Soothing Pain Relief | Hygienic Travel Bag | No BPA | Like Munch Mitt | Baby Boy Baby Girl | Babies 012 Months | Gleeful Gray | 2 Pack Size:Color: 2 Pack Gleeful Gray **********BABY TEETHING MITTS RELIEVE PAIN FOR YOUR BABY. When your baby is teething, hands naturally go into the mouth. This means painful scratches on their hands as well as blisters, cracked and red skin from excessive saliva and thumb sucking. With The Delight Paw baby teething mitten, you can prevent this. This means a happier baby, so youll feel good knowing you did the right thing for your baby. Youll also feel good as less crying means more sleep for mom and dad.*****THE TEETHING MITTEN IS SAFE, NO BPA, AND WILL LAST YEARS. Nothing is more important than your babys safety. Our baby teething mittens are rigorously tested at government approved labs and passed strict standards from The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Theyre made with food-grade silicone and are BPA, chemical and phthalate free! We chose the best quality materials, ensuring the longest life from your teething mitten, for reuse for additional children.*****BABY TEETHING MITTS HELPS PREVENT SKIN DAMAGE. Pain from gums is not a parents only worry. Dried saliva and excessive thumb sucking can cause rashes, blisters and generally irritate the skin. With our baby teething mitt, prevent skin damage, ensuring that pain relief for your baby goes the extra mile. And the Velcro helps keep the glove securely fastened to your babys hands, giving you peace of mind that the self-soothing pain relief will continue working on even if you take a brief step away.*****BABY TEETHING GLOVES ARE SENSORY STIMULATING TOYS KEEPING YOUR BABY SELF-ENTERTAINED. Our baby teething mittens, available in 4 colors, have vibrant contrasting patterns, pain-relieving textures, rich colors and crinkling material that keeps your baby occupied. Take a break, grab food, shower, or call a friend to tell them how amazing teething mitts are! The stimulation can also help accelerate cognitive development, helping your baby reach mental milestones faster.*****BABY TEETHING MITTENS PREVENT HAND ODOR FROM DRIED SALIVA. Babys hands can get stinky from excessive drool. The baby teether glove has an adjustable Velcro strap to prevent it from detaching, and the soft and breathable fabric absorbs drool. Let the glove take a beating, and absorb drool, instead of your babys hands and clothes. Save time and money from less laundry. Moms love that they can buy a few, use over the week, then toss in the washer, using the included travel bag as a laundry bag!

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