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p With a 2 MP lens this 1080p HD camera can record excellent footage and have it sent straight to your device in real time br p

p Compatible with Samsung Android or iPhone iOS it features both HD 720p and FHD 1080p br p

p This wireless nanny cam is easy to set up and easy to use All you need is wifi and the app for immediate viewing br p

p The infrared feature allows for night vision br p

p All images recordings audio feedback zoom in and angle manipulation can be controlled from your device br p

p It allows the user to speak through the camera to either their child dog or intruder It can alert the user via notifications on their phone if suspicious activity is detected br p

p Steps To Set up Your nbsp Security Cam br p

p 1 Download the Hapsee app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store br p

p 2 Create a new account br p

p 3 Power on your nbsp cam wait for a musical chime br p

p 4 Connect your nbsp cam using the Ethernet cable provided to a port on the back of your WiFi router br p

p 5 Press the symbol next to WiFi Camera br p

p 6 Press Manual Add Add by CID br p

p 7 Locate CID number password under camera br p

p 8 Enter CID number password to add br p

p 9 Press the Settings cog br p

p 10 Press Network Settings br p

p 11 Select your Wi Fi br p

p 12 Enter Wi Fi password br p

p 13 Wait for camera to sync change default camera password to finish nbsp br p

p br p

p Package Include br p

p 1x camera br p

p 1x ethernet cable RJ45 br p

p 1x power adaptor br p

p 1x user manual br p

p 1x guick guide br p

p 1x mount screw set br p

p 1x bracket for mount p

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