Elite BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4



This exclusive version of the Elite BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4 features BattleCamo Series deco and comes with 16 BattleCamo Series darts. Tackle through any mission with the double-barrel domination of this toy dart-gun. The elite rough cut 2x4 allows for a front-load of eight BattleCamo Series Elite darts into the four vertically stacked double barrels. Simply prime the blaster and pull the trigger to fire two darts at once. With this rough cut blaster, battlers can fire all eight darts without reloading. They can unleash all ammo rapidly with the pump-action slam-fire mechanism for dart-storm saturation. Dominate the battlefield with this elite camo-blaster. Elite BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4: Multiple designs available, each sold separately Blue and grey camo-styled Elite Rough Cut 2x4 Includes 16 distinctively decorated darts, which makes them easy to find and collect during play battle Quick-action front-load mechanism Vertically stacked barrels Pump-action slam fire Toy gun shoots two darts at once Easy pull trigger action Design allows for reloading after all 8 darts are fired Unique camouflage design Bright orange load clip

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