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Multifunctional laundry hamper to customize your life. Simple but not simple. Healthy material. Folding design. Convenient installation. Stronger load-bearing structure. New upgrade. Thickened rounded handle. New thickened rounded handle. It can be stored anywhere and can be hung with PP material, which is environmentally friendly, healthy and practical. The folding hook is hung on the glue hook when folded, saving space and does not fall. Thickened and comfortable handle. Comfortable handle, thickened and upgraded, easy to hold and take. The detachable buckle upgrades the material to keep the frame stable and not easy to deform. Easy to learn to install thick PP, with a non-marking hook load-bearing sturdy hollow design, dry and breathable, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, clean and hygienic. The foldable design is convenient for storing dirty clothes when not in use. The hook can be used to hang items, with various uses. The thickened handle is convenient for extraction and strong load-bearing. It can be hung without falling. The corners are smooth and the handle is delicate. The hollow design is dry and breathable. The fixed hook is not easy to fall.

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