Cotton 6 layer gauze drool towel baby baby food bib ...




The product has six layers, each of which is made of cotton yarn that does not irritate the skin


Breathable and absorbent, soft and comfortable


It will take 7-18 days for the product to reach you by air in China. Please wait patiently


It is normal for the product to fade when repeatedly cleaned with high temperature


There is a certain storage gap for tiled textile products


This product is shipped in 5 sets with random color


Please write down your contact address after placing the order


It is normal for the product to fade when repeatedly cleaned with high temperature

Why to use multilayer gauze bib multilayer gauze bib pure cotton material, soft feel


The fabric is breathable and easy to clean. It does not contain fluorescent agent. It will be more and more soft after being washed with water.


Try to lovely small cartoon design, a variety of, the baby likes, mother worry. Pure cotton gauze fabric soft and comfortable *


Product parameters


Product features: water absorption, soft and breathable


Ingredient: Pure cotton gauze


Number of storeys :6


Product specification :5 pieces


28 cm


26 cm


Note: For manual tiling measurement, the error of 1-2cm is normal. Please refer to the material object received.


Washing method: It is recommended to wash hands gently with cold water at about 20 degrees. Do not wring it out forcefully. After washing, gently flatten the shape


Air dry naturally, do not use boiling water to iron. Because of the water quality, detergent and other personal washing reasons, dark fabrics will


Relatively easy to fade, does not belong to the quality problem, mind the United States mother carefully patted!


The layer number



 Internal diameter recommended age 6 layers It can be 9cm in all seasons0 to 3 years old

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