Alloy Capo Tone-Variation Clip Ergonomic Design for ...



GGC 04 Classical guitar capo is good value for money with stable performance


Made of high end zinc alloy and has undergone vacuum casting precision polished and electroplated very durable in use

A high quality spring ensures stable elasticity and comfortable hand feeling

The innovative and ergonomic design enhances the capo 39 s tensile strength greatly it can withstand hit or throw

The exquisitely designed hardware silica gel parts and strings are fastened together nicely which guarantees a much purer sound

With suitable size streamlined portable and user friendly Suitable for classical guitars


Model GGC 04

Material Zinc alloy

Color Wood grain color

Item Size 9 4 8 2 1 2cm 3 7 3 2 0 5inch

Item Weight 70g 2 5oz

Package Size 13 8 9 8 1 5cm 5 4 3 9 0 6inch

Package Weight 85g 3oz

Packing List

1 GGC 04 Guitar Capo

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