10.1 inch Tablet PC for Study and Game/4Core/WIFI, B...

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Do you want to find a tablet to play games or study whenever you want? This tablet is exactly what you want. Its awesome resolution provides you vision enjoyment. With long-lasting battery, you can take it anywhere. You can use free built-in WPS work office for work or study. In addition, it serves as GPS which you can use when you are driving. Please check below Q&A to learn more details. If you have any other questions, you can post on the question part or message me privately.

Q: Can I use WIFI or hotspot for this tablet?
A: Yes, you can connect to your WIFI or hotspot from your phone. Moreover, you can insert SIM card to this tablet. It supports dual SIM cards and standby at the same time.

Q: Does this tablet have Bluetooth or wireless keyboards?
A: Yes. It has Bluetooth. Both wireless mouse and wireless keyboard are supportive with Bluetooth connection

Q: Does this come with a touch pen? Or I need a specific one?
A: No touch pen is included in this package. But you don’t need a specific one. It supports any standard touch pen in the market

Q: Does this table has a camera?
A: It has dual cameras for front and back like a cell phone

Q: Can I use Microsoft products such as Word on this tablet?
A: There is WPS office software you could use for free in this tablet

Q: I'm just wondering if this tablet is good for playing games. I need a new tablet cause the old one keeps closing out on me
A: Yes, it supports lots of game apps. And it runs smoothly and fast with large game apps

Q: How long the battery can last before it gets drain?
A: Usually it is around 5 hours if you continuously use it. About 4 hours for playing videos

Q: Is google play available on this tablet, so that I can download the apps I use on my phone?
A: Yes. Being an Android product, this app is built-in the tablet already

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